Conference 3


10 Mar 2022 | 2 - 4 PM CET

How do we guide innovations towards regenerative futures?

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2.00 - 4.00 PM CET


Introduction to the conference

Dr. Petra Kuenkel

Global Transformation and Leadership Expert; Member of the Executive Committee, Club of Rome, Founder, Collective Leadership Institute, Fellow World Academy of Arts and Science

How do we guide innovations towards regenerative futures?


Keynote conversation: Integral Investing

Dr. Mariana Bozesan

Award-winning Integral investor, Serial Tech-Entrepreneur, Member of the Club of Rome, Fellow World Academy of Arts and Science

How can investments guide innovations towards sustainability?


Keynote conversation: Innovative approaches in conflict-affected areas in Asia

Elaine Thomas

Principal Operations Coordination Specialist (Conflict-Affected Situations), Sustainable Development and Climate Change Department, Asian Development Bank

Role of innovation in improving resilience in fragile contexts

Interactive session

What are parameters for life-enhancing technological, social, digital, and scientific innovation?


Innovation in practice

Douglas F. Williamson

Managing Partner Collective Leadership Institute USA and Senior Project Manager

How can we support pioneering approaches?


Collaborative innovation in the MENA region

Tariq Al-Olaimy,

Managing Director, 3BL Associates

Transforming sustainable development challenges into opportunities


Integral investing and transformation incentives for SME

Taras Derkach

Career Hub Coordinator – CSR Ukraine

Interactive session

Nurturing innovation


Where from here?

Innovation is a key driver for shifting humankind out of the current dangerous path – but it can do so only if we are able to focus innovation on life-enhancement for all. A regenerative future has driving principle guiding technological and social innovations. This is not about confining inventiveness, but it is about setting the right parameters, and asking how can technological, social, digital, and scientific innovation strengthen life-enhancing actions?

Innovation needs to be contextualized, anchored in continual knowledge exchange, and integrated in informal, indigenous, and traditional knowledge systems. Transformation literacy empowers social entrepreneurs and encourages both private and public sector to incentivize those innovations that help us live well within the planetary boundaries.

“Innovation doesn’t happen out of the blue. It is an evolving process that requires learning, challenging existing knowledge, and understanding something new. Ultimately, innovation leads to change and to creating new wisdom.”

Bettina Stamm, author of The Future of Innovation

How do we nurture pioneering approaches?

Life-enhancing innovation is a mix between individual genius, perseverance, collaborative inspiration and learning together. Inventiveness, if guided towards life-enhancing innovation, reframes reality, helps us understand something new and helps the world to become a better place. Making this individual and collective process more conscious is a cornerstone in creating a sustainable future. We can nurture pioneering approaches when we:

  • create the space for creativity around transformative ideas;
  • encourage exchange of good practices and expert knowledge;
  • nurture risk-taking and self-responsibility.

The guidance innovations need is an irrevocable commitment to life-enhancement by all actors. We need business to reinvent the purpose of business, NGOs to invent new ways to care for social and ecological integrity, and governments to guide and finance innovations that serve people and planet.

In this conference session, we will explore how we can amplify and scale pioneering approaches so that they lead the way and get us active to steward transformative change together.